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BC Technologies, Ltd. (BCT) is an energy and environmental consulting business, located in Laramie, WY, that was incorporated in the State of Wyoming in 1995. It is an approved vendor for the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, is classified by the SBA as a small business, is registered on the CCR, and currently holds a General Services Administration Environmental Services Schedule 899 (Contract No. GS-10F-0032R) for federal contracting. BCT was formed with the objective of advancing the commercial development of novel environmental technologies -- which include natural freeze-thaw and artificial freeze crystallization processes for the purification of water, electrokinetic soil remediation and electrokinetic descaling of pipe for naturally occurring radioactive materials removal, and development of advanced processing concepts related to underground coal gasification. These objectives have served as focal points for the research and technology development upon which BCT has built its reputation. BCT employs a team of engineers and multidisciplinary support staff who are experienced in research, process design, and field operations, and who can provide additional support through expertise in database and geodatabase development for inventories and data management, ArcView GIS mapping, field support, and technical, scientific writing.


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